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Red Chili Peppers
Russet Potatoes

How We Grow

At Shirley’s Greenhouse, it is our goal to not only grow top quality vegetables but also delicious ones grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. How we do this in our growing is using what are called beneficial insects or good bugs to eat the bad bugs that we don’t want. We also use certified organic products to help control other pest issues in our greenhouse crops.


We follow an approach known as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This is an approach to pest management designed to manage insect and disease pests. We always use good bugs as a first response and certified organic products as a last resort.


We are a hydroponic operation. Our plants come in rockwool cubes that are placed into cocoa fiber bag. Each rockwool cube is fitted with a dripper where it is fed nutrients and water through the irrigation system. The fertilizer we use is elemental and is measured out to the gram for all the trace nutrients such as: copper, iron, zinc, and Epsom salt, etc.

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